How to prepare presentation for college projects?

How to give good presentation
Most of us get graduated without adequate skills and personalities that might prove to be the most valuable in our careers. One of the most important skill is the ability to effectively deliver a presentation.  The proper place for students to build presentation skills is in college. But, when there is time for presenting our content, we get nervous. Nervousness creates lack of confidence. When you loose your confidence, you can't deliver a good presentation. And of course, your nervousness Read more [...]

FlipKarma Teams up with Locus 2014 to Encourage Open Access to Student Projects

FlipKarma proudly announces to become the part of LOCUS 2014 - 11th National Technical Event. The alliance will recognize FlipKarma as the official project repository of LOCUS 2014. The purpose of this collaboration to make all the projects of the event publicly available in FlipKarma for future reference and sharing. Sijan Bhandari, Co-founder of FlipKarma believes this alliance will provide exposure to the projects done in the event to the global community. About Locus LOCUS is a student Read more [...]

Announcing winners of Computer Graphics Project | FlipKarma Awards 2014

We are announcing the final winners of FlipKarma Awards 2014 for Computer Graphics project. We selected the winners from the projects uploaded in the system by the students of Computer and Elecronics Engineering. Here are the top 3 projects selected 1) 3D Modeling of Taj Mahal - 069 Bachelor's in Electronics Engineering - IOE, Pulchowk Campus A graphics project that shows the 3D model of Taj Mahal. Team Members: Abisha Thapa Magar, Anup Shakya, Arjun Khanal 2) Ray Tracing - Read more [...]

Announcing Best Projects of Object Oriented Programming | Flipkarma Awards 2014

We are overwhelmed to announce the winners of Flipkarma Awards 2014 for Object Oriented Programming Project. The winners were announced from the project uploaded in the system by the students of computer and electronics engineering. Here are the top 3 projects selected 1) Mrita-Sikar - 069 Bachelor's in Computer Engineering - IOE, Pulchowk Campus The project “Mrita-Sikar” is a 3D-action third-person shooter game which is based on the science fiction character Zombies. Team Members: Read more [...]

Announcing the winners of FlipKarma Awards 2014 – Best Projects in C Programming

As promised, we are announcing the winners of FlipKarma awards 2014 for C Programming. The winners are announced based on more than 20 projects that were uploaded into the system. Here are the top 3 projects selected: 1) Virtual Tablet - 070 Bachelor's in Computer Engineering - IOE, Pulchowk Campus - Team members (Saurav Shrestha, Sushil Shakya) - 2) There is a tie between two teams for first runner up. The teams are: i) Tetris - falling block game. - 070 Bachelor's in Computer Read more [...]

C Programming Projects by 070 Electronics Engineering Students of IOE | Review, Source code and Reports

The projects done by students of Electronics Engineering of 070 batch has been reviewed and suggestions of improvements have been included within. More details on the project can be found by clicking the title. 1) Multi Func Calculator: This was a C program that could perform dual function of either folder lock or simple calculation. Calculator performs very basic operations and folder lock is implemented by altering the folder property from C. Mathematical operations and selection operation are Read more [...]

Mini Projects in C Programming by Computer Engineering students of IOE, Pulchowk Campus 2070 Batch | Review, Reports and Source Code

The FlipKarma team explored the projects done by students of Bachelor's of Computer Engineering from IOE, Pulchowk campus. Each of the project have been reviewed and suggestions for improvement have been included. You can click on the title to find reports, source code and more details about the projects. 1. Hangman: 'Hangman' has all the basic features of the traditional game included in the system. The team has done a clever job of showing a nice looking user-interface with 'ASCII art' without Read more [...]

Announcing FlipKarma Awards 2014 – Motivating Best College projects

Having launched FlipKarma 6 months ago, we are excited that so many students are using the system resulting in better project ideas, efficient discussions and proper exposure to the projects. As an encouragement for the hard works that students do in their academic projects, the FlipKarma team today is proud to announce FlipKarma Awards 2014. The best projects done by engineering students studying in different colleges affiliated to Tribhuvan University will be awarded with special gift hampers. Read more [...]

List of Free Public Datasets Available on the Web

If you are doing projects related to Machine Learning, Data Mining, Big Data, Statistics or similar, availability of data plays a vital role in doing your project. Luckily, many organizations / individuals have made datasets ranging from few Kilobytes to hundreds of Terabytes for free. Data on social activities, user credentials, country level information, and many more corpora have been added these days. We have made a list of data search engines, dataset collections as well as individual datasets Read more [...]

Project Selection for Engineering Students : Advice from Professionals

Project selection and gathering idea about any new project is a tricky part of Engineering course. Besides tremendous work-load, we get opportunity to gain a lot from each of the project in every semester. We find students being confused on what Bachelor’s degree project is actually for. We would like you to go through this article in order to know difference between Bachelor’s, Master’s and PHD project []. From what we have understood, projects in Bachelor's Read more [...]